Does Your Whirlpool Refrigerator Need Repair?

Whirlpool refrigerator need repair

Although based in Michigan, USA, Whirlpool has over the past hundred years become a name that is known by everyone due to the best quality home appliances. But even these products can require repair because at the end of the day these are just machines. It is important that you identify what is wrong with your refrigerator before you contact a service provider. This is because at the time of the booking you will have to share details of the problem you are facing and only if you are able to tell them what is wrong, they will send the personnel who are experienced in repairing that. For instance, if your refrigerator repairs is not cooling, is making noise, or of the dispenser is not working. You just have to observe the functioning for some time to deduce what the problem is.

How to get in touch with service repair

In case there is a problem with your refrigerator and you want the manufacturing company to fix that, for that you have to follow the following steps. First and foremost you visit their webpage online and click of the service and repair option. There you have to select the product for which your require services, let’s say refrigerator, then you enter your postal code. The next step is to choose the date and time for the service provider to visit you in person. You can choose any date within the next thirty days that suits you, but you have to select one of the three time slots available that is from eight in the morning to twelve in the afternoon, from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon and from twelve at noon to four in the afternoon.

Once you have selected this, you will proceed to the next step where you share details such as the model and serial number of the product, its warranty and the problem you are facing. Some of the commonly occurring problems with refrigerators are:  problem with opening or closing the door, bad odor inside the fridge, internal light not working, water dripping within or outside, ice maker stops working, or the refrigerator section freezing, the machine making noise or anything else. After you have discussed the problem, next you have to share your details such as home address and contact number. Before visiting you in person, the service provider will call you and confirm your availability. They will repair your appliance in presence of you, or anyone else that is above the age of eighteen.  In case you want to reschedule your appointment or want to cancel it, then you will have to contact the team at the following number 1-800-253-1301.

Product Warranty is important

Most products have one year’s warranty. In case your refrigerators have been purchased within a year’s time, then you can use your warranty card to pay for the repair charges. In case your warranty has expired or you have lost the card and other details of purchase, then you will have to pay for the cost of the repair.

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