Benefits Of Frameless Shower Screen

The shower screens are now becoming an integral part of every bathroom. Apart from appearance, they help to keep the bathroom dry and provide confined space for shower. These features make them a must-have for the bathroom. There are different types of shower screens nowadays and each has its application. No shower screen can be said as the perfect choice for a bathroom, so you need to research and check which can be workable for you. But when it comes to appearance and hygiene then no shower screen can beat a frameless shower screen. They can be said as the newest type of shower screen to be introduced but they are now getting popular rapidly. The frameless screen also has other benefits, not only their looks.

• Frameless shower screen is easy to clean. They don’t have a traditional metal frame to mount. As metal frame needs periodic professional maintenance and cleaning for swift movement whereas the absence of a metal frame, makes frameless shower screen handy. As these frameless shower screens have a glass or other material panels without any frame, so as you cleaned these panels, it means you have cleaned the screen.

• Frameless shower screens are durable than traditional shower screens. Because the traditional shower screens frame needs periodic maintenance to maintain their functionality and with time those from will wear off. But the frameless shower screen is made of glass and that glass is treated specially to be strong. So they can withstand pressure and force, plus also bear the weight of the structure. To gain more knowledged about this shower screen you can see this page for such details.

• The Frameless shower screen is more hygienic and clean. As they are without any frame and glass has plain surfaces without any pores or hidden area. That means there will be no bacterial growth on those panels’ instead metallic frames has gaps and areas which can work as the breeding ground for different germs. As frameless shower screens are made of glass, so they don’t contain any stains and can be easily cleaned with the help of glass cleaning liquids.

High quality frameless shower screen is a piece of art. Once installed they improve the ambiance even in the bathroom. They are usually transparent of fogged with patterned designs which are according to the design of the bathroom. They also improve the lighting in the shower space and can work as a decorative item for the bathroom.

• The frameless shower screen is a simple structure, so they are easy to install. There some companies which are providing a shower screen that can be installed by a person at home. No external help is required. Due to no complex mechanism, they don’t need any technical knowledge to be installed. The absence of a metal frame reduces the maintenance cost. Metal frames with time will be eroded due to water and blockage but in the case of frameless, this is also avoided.

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